Freddy’s Sioux Falls (2024)

Freddy’s Sioux Falls: A Savory Delight in South Dakota

Are you craving some delicious and mouthwatering food in Sioux Falls? Look no further than Freddy’s! We at Freddy’s Sioux Falls take pride in serving the most delectable and savory delights that will depart your flavor buds begging for more. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, our restaurant promises a delightful experience.

What is Freddy’s Sioux Falls All About?

Freddy’s Sioux Falls is a renowned fast-food chain that has caught the souls of food lovers nationwide. Known for its delectable burgers, savory hot dogs, and indulgent frozen custard, Freddy’s offers a unique dining experience that blends the goodness of homemade food with the convenience of a fast-food joint.

Signature Dishes

Freddy’s Sioux Falls believe in delivering top-notch quality with every bite. Here are some of our signature dishes that keep our customers coming back for more:

The Freddy’s Original Double

Sink your teeth into pure bliss with our iconic double steakburger, topped with cheese, onions, and pickles; all served on a perfectly toasted bun.

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Transport yourself to the streets of Chicago with our authentic and mouthwatering hot dogs, loaded with relish, tomatoes, onions, and mustard.

Irresistible Frozen Custard

Treat yourself to a heavenly delight with our rich and creamy frozen custard, available in various flavors to satisfy your sweet cravings.

The Freddy’s Experience

At Freddy’s Sioux Falls, we don’t just serve food; we create memories. Freddy’s friendly staff, welcoming ambiance, and mouthwatering aromas make every visit memorable. Whether grabbing a quick bite with friends or enjoying a family dinner.

Why Choose Freddy’s, Sioux Falls?

With so many dining options in Sioux Falls, what sets Freddy’s apart? Here’s why Freddy’s is the ultimate choice for food lovers:

Quality Ingredients

We believe in using the finest and freshest ingredients to craft our dishes, ensuring that every bite bursts with flavor.

Fast and Friendly Service

We value your time and are committed to providing swift and courteous service to make your dining experience enjoyable.


Indulging in mouthwatering food shouldn’t break the bank. Freddy’s offers delectable meals at pocket-friendly prices.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Bring your loved ones along and savor great food and company joy in a family-friendly setting.

Navigating the Menu

Freddy’s Sioux Falls menu is designed to cater to every palate. From hearty burgers to lighter options, we have something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:


Freddy's Sioux Falls


  1. The Freddy’s Original Double
  2. The Bacon & Cheese Double
  3. The Original Patty Melt
  4. The Spicy Steakburger
  5. The Veggie Burger (We have options for our vegetarian friends too!)

Hot Dogs

Freddy's Sioux Falls
Hot Dog
  1. Chicago-Style Hot Dog
  2. The Freddy’s Original Dog
  3. The Chili Cheese Dog


Freddy's Sioux Falls
  1. Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich
  2. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  3. The Fish Sandwich

Frozen Custard

Freddy's Sioux Falls
Frozen Custard
  1. Single, Double, or Triple Scoop
  2. Signature Concretes (Try our specialty blends for a burst of flavors!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Freddy’s operating hours in Sioux Falls?

Freddy’s Sioux Falls restaurant is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily so that you can satisfy your cravings anytime.

Does Freddy’s Sioux Falls offer drive-thru services?

Yes, we do! Enjoy the convenience of our drive-thru while relishing your favorite meals.

Are there any gluten-free options on the menu?

Absolutely! Freddy’s Sioux Falls have gluten-free buns for our burgers, and some of our frozen custard flavors are gluten-free.

Can I host parties or events at Freddy’s Sioux Falls?

Of course! Contact us in advance, and Freddy’s Sioux Falls happily accommodate your special events.

Are the ingredients used at Freddy’s fresh?

Freddy’s Sioux Falls carry’s satisfaction in using only the newest components to ensure the most elevated quality of our food.

Can I customize my burger or hot dog?

Certainly! You can personalize your order by adding or removing toppings as your preference.

Are there any vegetarian options?

Freddy’s Sioux Falls have the Veggie Burger, specially crafted for our vegetarian patrons.

Does Freddy’s offer catering services?

Yes, Freddy’s Sioux Falls provide catering services for events and gatherings. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What makes Freddy’s frozen custard unique?

Freddy’s frozen custard is made fresh throughout the day, and its velvety smoothness sets it apart from regular ice cream.

Can I order online for pickup?

Absolutely! Skip the wait and order online for a quick and convenient pickup.

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