Freddy’s Menu Prices (2024)

Freddy’s Menu Prices (2024)

Are you craving mouthwatering burgers and delightful frozen custard treats? Look no further than Freddy’s Menu Prices! In this article, we’ll take you through the delectable world of Freddy’s menu prices, so you can indulge in their delicious offerings without breaking the bank.

What Makes Freddy’s Special?

Freddy’s Menu with Prices has won the hearts of food enthusiasts with its unique blend of flavors and exceptional quality. Their dedication to utilizing only the newest ingredients sets them apart. Whether you’re a burger lover or a custard connoisseur, Freddy’s has something to satisfy every palate.

The Freddy’s Menu: A Gastronomic Journey

Irresistible Burgers

Freddy's Menu Prices
#Irresistible Burgers

At Freddy’s, burgers are more than just a meal; they’re an experience. Each bite is an explosion of flavors from classic favorites like the Original Double to specialty burgers like the Bacon & Cheese Double Steakburger; remember to explore their veggie options and mouthwatering chicken sandwiches for a delightful twist.

Savory Hot Dogs

Freddy's Menu Prices
#Savory Hot Dogs

If hot dogs are your weakness, Freddy’s will not disappoint. Their hot dogs are served hot off the grill, in soft buns, and topped with delectable toppings. Whether you prefer the Original Chicago Dog or the Chili Cheese Dog, you’ll be in for a treat.

Crispy Chicken Tenders

Freddy's Menu Prices

Freddy’s offers a range of chicken tenders cooked to perfection for those who crave a crispy and tender delight. Pair them with your favored dipping dressing and make a round in heaven.

Fresh and Crunchy Fries

Freddy's Menu Prices
#Fresh and Crunchy Fries

Every meal is complete with the perfect side of fries. Freddy’s takes pride in serving golden and crispy shoestring fries that will leave you wanting more. Try their famous Cheese Fries or opt for a classic side of Onion Rings.

Heavenly Frozen Custard

Freddy's Menu Prices
#Heavenly Frozen Custard

Freddy’s is not just about burgers; their frozen custard is a must-try! Creamy, rich, and made with high-quality ingredients, their frozen custard comes in various flavors. Whether you prefer it in a cone, dish, or as a delightful sundae, you’ll find your sweet cravings satisfied.



Includes Fries & Drink

Freddy’s Original Double $7.59
Freddy’s Hot Dog $5.29
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style $6.09
Single Steakburger & Hot Dog $8.19
Original Double Patty Melt $7.89
Double Steakburger California Style $8.09
Bacon & Cheese Double Steakburger $8.39
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $7.29



Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight, or Chocolate Brownie Delight Sundae Mini $3.89
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight, or Chocolate Brownie Delight Sundae Regular $4.59
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight, or Chocolate Brownie Delight Sundae Large $5.29
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight, or Chocolate Brownie Delight Concrete Mini $4.69
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight, or Chocolate Brownie Delight Concrete Regular $5.49
Signature Turtle, PBC & B, Dirt N’ Worms, Hawaiian Delight, or Chocolate Brownie Delight Concrete Large $6.49

Famous Concrete

Any Single Topping Mixed In

Famous Concrete Mini $3.99
Famous Concrete Regular $4.59
Famous Concrete Large $5.29

Other Classics

Dish or Cake Cone Single $2.69
Dish or Cake Cone Double $3.39
Dish or Cake Cone Triple $3.99
Waffle Cone Single $3.49
Waffle Cone Double $4.19
Waffle Cone Triple $4.79
Sundae Mini $3.19
Sundae Regular $3.89
Sundae Large $4.59
Shake or Malt Mini $3.69
Shake or Malt Regular $4.39
Shake or Malt Large $4.99
Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich Single $1.69
Oreo Custard Cookie Sandwich 6-Pack $8.45
Carry-Out Cartons Pint $3.99
Carry-Out Cartons Quart $6.99
Custard Cake $22.99
Extra Topping & Mix-In $0.80

Savory Sandwiches

Combo Includes Fries & Drink

Freddy’s Original Double $5.09
Freddy’s Original Double–Combo $7.59
Single Steakburger $3.39
Single Steakburger – Combo $5.49
Triple Steakburger $6.69
Triple Steakburger – Combo $8.39
Double Steakburger California Style $6.09
Double Steakburger California Style – Combo $8.09
Single Steakburger California Style $4.39
Single Steakburger California Style – Combo $6.49
Triple Steakburger California Style $7.59
Triple Steakburger California Style – Combo $9.29
Original Double Patty Melt $5.89
Original Double Patty Melt – Combo $7.89
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $5.29
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich – Combo $7.29
Veggie Burger $5.69
Veggie Burger – Combo $7.69

Delicious Dogs

Combo Includes Fries & Drink

Hot Dog $2.89
Hot Dog – Combo $5.29
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style $3.69
Chicago Dog – Freddy’s Style – Combo $6.09
Chili Cheese Dog $3.89
Chili Cheese Dog – Combo $6.29

Other Favorites

Chicken Tenders 3 Pc. $4.49
Chicken Tenders – Combo 3 Pc. $6.49
Chicken Tenders 5 Pc. $5.49
Chicken Tenders – Combo 5 Pc. $7.49
Chili Bowl $3.99
Chili Bowl – Combo $6.29
Freddy’s Fries Regular $2.09
Freddy’s Fries Large $2.49
Cheese Fries $2.89
Chili Cheese Fries $4.09
Onion Rings $2.79

Kids Meals

Includes Small Fries & Drink

Burger $4.79
Cheeseburger $5.09
Chicken Tenders $4.69
Hot Dog $4.69
Grilled Cheese $3.99


Cheese $0.50
Cheese Sauce $0.80
Bacon $0.80
Chili $0.70


Soft Drink Small $1.79
Soft Drink Regular $1.99
Soft Drink Large $2.19
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Small $1.79
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Regular $1.99
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Large $2.19

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Freddy’s menu prices the same across all locations?

While Freddy’s strives to maintain consistent pricing, some variations may occur based on location and local factors.

Does Freddy’s offer any vegetarian burger options?

Yes, Freddy’s offers delicious vegetarian options, including the Veggie Burger, for those who prefer plant-based delights.

What sets Freddy’s frozen custard apart from regular ice cream?

Freddy’s frozen custard is denser and creamier than regular ice cream, thanks to the incorporation of less air during the freezing process.

Are the chicken tenders at Freddy’s made with real chicken?

Absolutely! Freddy’s uses only premium, all-white meat chicken for their tender offerings.

Can I customize my burger at Freddy’s?

Of course! Freddy’s prides itself on offering a wide range of toppings and condiments, allowing you to personalize your burger.

Does Freddy’s provide nutritional information for their menu items?

Yes, Freddy’s provides detailed nutritional information for each item on their menu on their official website.

Are there any gluten-free options at Freddy’s?

Yes, Freddy’s offers gluten-free buns for their burgers, making it a welcoming option for individuals with dietary restrictions.

What makes Freddy’s fries so special?

Freddy’s shoestring fries are made from high-quality potatoes and are cooked to a perfect golden brown, giving them a delightful crunch.

Can I order Freddy’s frozen custard in bulk for parties or events?

Absolutely! Freddy’s offers catering services, including bulk orders of their delectable frozen custard.

Does Freddy’s have any loyalty or rewards program for regular customers?

Yes, Freddy’s loyalty program rewards frequent visitors with exclusive offers and discounts.

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